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FRANCE 12/04/2000

Paris Excellence Award

This award symbolizes overall a high standard in design and content and we will be honored to see it on such pages as yours.

Your site was rewarded for originality, easy navigation, content, outstanding graphic design and was found error free.

Again, we extend our sincerest congratulations.

Dr. Bernard BÉNICHOU



USA 11/03/2000

Silver Surfer Award

We are proud to have the Silver Surfer on such a page as yours. It not only reflects your taste...but also ours. We thank you. Again, we are honored to have this award on your page.




USA 12/28/2000

Westfield Web Award

Your site has won the Westfield Web Select Site award. This means that the phenomenal design and navigation exhibited on your site beautifully met our stringent requirements.


Again, great work.




CANADA 03/10/2001

Pegasus Award

MoserArt - Is there a more intensely descriptive word than gorgeous? There should be for both this site and the art! Moser’s art is mesmerizing! The elegant simple lines of the site lets his art shine all it's own! No one, repeat, “NO ONE” should miss this site! The emotion-filled art is beyond compare.

It looks like a great master with a flavor of modern today. Just un-believe-able!!!

June Kaminski



USA 12/03/2000

Eagle ONE Award

Your site has won the Eagle ONE Award! MoserArt is outstanding in all three categories - content, design & graphics. I also found your site to be an excellent artwork resource.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your site.

Great Job!

Greg Tingey



NEW ZEALAND 01/12/2002

Groundzero Design Award

The thing I really enjoyed about this site were the examples on technique, which were very informative. The design and layout is simple and looks great with the green color scheme which fits in real well with the artwork.

Congratulations! It was a pleasure to award a site ike yours!

Rik Tairea




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