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ITALY 12/15/2003

DAPA Award

After careful review of your site against my program criteria, I have come to the following conclusions: You have developed a very informative site that was a pleasure to view. You attained a score of 100 out of 100 with my WOW.

You have done an outstanding job creating your website with visually pleasing color scheme, good navigation and informative content. Well done Alyam. I believe you worked hard for this site and wish you much fun with your site and the internet in the future. 

Your site "MoserArt" met all the criteria for my award! Congratulations! Your art is spectacular, you are an great artist!!! Again, I did enjoyed my visit.

Thank you and hugs from Italy,



USA 11/18/2001

Learning Fountain Award

Congratulations! Your site is now a “LEARNING FOUNTAIN.”

Excellence on the Internet means building a Learning Fountain that influences visitors by helping them learn.

Paul Siegel



ITALY 01/02/2002

MASTER of 2001 Annual Art Award

It is with great pleasure and delight that I am proud to announce you are the winner of the MASTER of 2001 Annual Art Award!

You won in two categories: BEST ARTIST of the YEAR

A panel of judges reviewed each nominee's site and granted points for each of the following categories: artistic quality of the artworks, graphic excellence and technical quality of the website.




USA 10/12/2000

Nem5 Award

Thanks so much for helping to make our Internet community a more wonderful place to be.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for the opportunity of judging your site.

I truly enjoyed it.

Maggi Norris



ITALY 10/28/2000

BTDesign Award

Congratulations on winning the BT Design Golden Art Site Award! You're a very talented artist and your site lets us appreciate all sides of your artistic personality at best.

Again congratulations.
Keep up your important work.

Barbara Tampieri



GERMANY 10/15/2000

Heidi’s Award

It was a pleasure visiting your site. Your artwork can only be described as brilliant.
I am very impressed. Your website is very simple but the colours compliment your paintings. It looks very nice. I am happy to present you with my Silver Website Award.

Congratulations and all the best




BELGIUM 03/17/2009

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards


It's very nice to see a site where a design aspect does not necessarily excludes the possibility to learn. The different explanations on painting as well as techniques are very well done and the design is very complementary for a relaxing visit. So a job well done!

Best regards,

The Staff




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