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USA 12/02/2000

Idiom Sisters Award

It's a pleasure to give your excellent site The Idiom Sisters Content-Rich Site Award. Your work is magnificent.

Again, our warmest congratulations!

Judy Vorfeld



USA 12/11/2000

Golden Graphics Award

Outstanding Site! I am honored to have visited and judged such an aesthetically pleasing presentation of your artwork.

Graphics By Bogie is pleased to present you with the Golden Graphics Award of Excellence!




USA 01/30/2001

24-7 Web Designers Arrow Award

Congratulations! MoserArt has won the 24-7 Web Designers Arrow Award for web site design and content. You have an outstanding site and should be considered one of the top 5% Web Sites on the Internet today.

Once again congratulations, and keep up the great work!

Alfred Norman



CANADA 03/10/2001

Visions of Adonai Art Award

MoserArt has earned the Visions of Adonai "Art 2001" Award.

The layout, design and content of your site brilliantly showcase your amazing artwork in a delightful, aesthetic way.

Your artwork is profound - moving and inspirational. The colors throughout your site are appealing and compliment your mesmerizing content.

All the best to you
June Kaminski



AUSTRALIA 02/10/2001

JoyZine’s Website Award

MoserArt is the recipient of JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award for it's elegant site design, it's extraordinary art and the part that I personally found most fascinating: a discussion of your painting techniques.

Joy Williams



SWEDEN 10/28/2000

Art Rose Award

Congratulations on winning the Art Rose Award for Fine Art, GOLD!

We have reviewed your site and found the artwork excellent. We are pleased to review great art sites such as yours.

June Rydgren




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