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SCOTLAND 10/18/2000

The Médaille d’Or Award of Excellence

Congratulations on being awarded the Médaille d'Or. We were very impressed by what we saw.

Once again, well done.

Ken & Maureen Lussey



ENGLAND 12/09/2000

Treecity Award

Your site is elegantly designed, the simplicity creates a perfect atmosphere, a certain “museum feel” and does highlight your exceptional talents as an artist. I very much look forward to future visits to your fine website. I truly enjoyed most of all the simplicity and blend of it.

Congratulations from England! And thank you for the invitation to evaluate such
an excellent website.

Kind Regards
Rob Ford



ARGENTINA 12/02/2000

Sinapsis Award

Congratulations! Your site definitely qualifies for the Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude.

A very nice site, your content is presented well and easy
to access. A worthy enterprise and an intellectual attitude.

Alberto Paronetto



USA 06/29/2001

Arete Wave Award

I have the pleasure to inform you that your site has been reviewed and found worthy of an Arete Wave Award for excellence!

An outstanding site all around.
Well done.

Jenny Goellnitz



AUSTRIA 12/29/2000

WNP Fin Award

Hello - for this very interesting and well designed website, you get my award “The Fin” 2 with stars and the ID-number 12/1. I was very proud to evaluate this site.

Greetings from Vienna, Austria

Werner Nagelhofer



PORTUGAL 04/18/2005

Aracnofilia Web Design Award

We are very pleased to announce
that your web site has been awarded “The Aracnofilia Web Design Award.” The Aracnofilia Web Design Award seeks to reward web sites that excel in three main aspects: usability, aesthetics and site architecture.

We have found that your web site complies with our opinion on what should be considered outstanding web design; by being usable, consistent, appropriate
and visually appealing.

Congratulations for your remarkable contribution towards a better World Wide Web.

Our best regards and, once again, congratulations on such an excellent site!

The CPSnet Web Awards Evaluation Team




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