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“Twins” powerfully communicates the duality of man's nature, with two males facing each other, one with the symbolic wings of the angelic nature, the other daubed with circles of black paint, self-anointed to enhance the negative power of the shadow spirit.

Both have heads that might well be Harlequin hats, as if dressed for a fête, while the stillness of the pose suggest a continuing debate as to which personality will attend.

Among all of Moser's oils, perhaps the most magnificent is the enigmatically titled “There Was No Grass on the Other Side,” which appears to depict a netherworld beyond life, as an idealized youthful figure, possibly an angel, dangles a gold pocket watch on a long chain above two wizened hooded beings holding scythes, while a fanciful violet horse prances in the background.

Moser boldly contradicts the symbolism of the painting with yellow splashes that disrupt its surface, sabotaging its illusionism, and announcing the artist's primarily painterly intent.

To those who have seen Moser's previous work, the power of this collection will come as no surprise, but the breath and beauty of these paintings, dealing with eternal verities, documents the sustained achievement of a major American painter.


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