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These dogs are known for saving people's lives


Renowned for their courage, strength and intelligence

a t t r i b u t e s

Sound Temperament: Because Blackmouth Curs form such a strong bond to their owners, they usually make good buddy dogs - riding around in the truck wherever their owner goes. They have an intense desire to please their master. A good Blackmouth is expected to always remain totally under their owner's control (even in the middle of a bay up.)

Intelligence: Blackmouth Curs are able to do a wide variety of jobs, not because of their instincts, but because they learn most tasks so easily. This was developed through the simple process of elimination. A dog that didn’t learn how to handle rough range cattle, wild hogs, bears or cougars the first time around didn’t get a second chance to learn.

Easy Maintenance: With their short glossy coat and clean habits, Blackmouth Curs are hardly noticeable in the household. Their coats are somewhat self-cleaning. They have even been known to housebreak themselves as puppies.

Trustworthy: It has been said and proven many times over that a Blackmouth Cur would give up it’s life for you. Many who own one can verify this as an actual fact. If the crunch comes, one wants a dog that stands courageously beside you, not running away leaving you all alone. At the same time, despite their immense strength, an adult Blackmouth Cur will play gently with pups or children.

Heart: It’s not a desire to fight, which is gameness. It’s more a desire to do an assigned job despite any pain or exhaustion because of an overwhelming desire to please. It’s the ability to bring up the last reserves of strength to protect a family member when there shouldn’t be anything left to give.

s t a n d a r d

The Blackmouth Cur was first recognized by the National Kennel Club in April, 1964 and by the United Kennel Club in November, 1998. It is a poweful, agile tree dog of medium size. The body is square or just slightly longer than tall. The head is broad with a moderate stop and a moderately broad muzzle. The ears are set high and drop. The tail is straight, set low, and may be any length.

The cheeks are muscular and prominent. The neck is slightly arched and very well-muscled. The hindquarters are strong and powerful, giving the appearance of power and speed. The chest should be deep, wide and well-sprung. Rump should be set higher than withers. This is a dog built for stamina and faults should be penalized to the degree that they detract from that goal.

The coat is short and close fitting. The color being all shades of yellow, fawn and red - with buckskin, brindle and black acceptable. Black muzzle or mask usually, but coat never spotted, mottled, merled or with white collar. The height for mature females being 16 to 24 inches at shoulder. Males at 18 to 25 inches. Weight for females being 40 to 75 pounds. Males at 50 to 85 pounds. Ten pounds over or under not to be faulted as long as the dog appears balanced.

The temperament of the Blackmouth Cur should appear bold, confident, trusting and loving. Neither too shy or aggressive. Dogs must be able to work well with other dogs as well as alone. Dogs must be even-tempered, good with children and protective of family and property.


Joya at nine weeks and already well-muscled







o The Ladner line dates back to the early 1800s


Weatherford's Ben - number one top-producing stud dog

b l o o d l i n e s

There are four primary lines of Blackmouth Curs. They are Carnathan, Weatherford's Ben, JD Howard and Ladner. There are other breeders and divisions of Blackmouth Curs, but these are the major four. It is believed that most of the various strains out there had some influence from one of these fore-mentioned.

The Carnathan dogs have two branches - there is the Southern Blackmouth and the American Blackmouth. They both go back to Howard Carnathan's breeding and his dog Bruno. There are some tree dogs in this line, but most of the people that hunt these dogs use them on stock such as cattle or hogs. They tend to be a bigger Blackmouth Cur.

Weatherford's Ben is the all-time number one producing stud dog for the Blackmouth Cur breed. Dogs from this line are called the premier stock dog. They have tons of grit and can handle any wild animal in the Continental United States. It is believed that the Big Thicket Legacy dog is of the same line.

The JD Howard line is a good all-purpose line out of Alabama. There are good tree dogs and stock dogs in this line. They have a very consistent breeding which yields a predictable litter. This is a testimony to their good breeding.

The Ladner line is the oldest documented line dating back to the 1800s. Curt Ladner is now the owner of the Original Ladner Yellow Blackmouth Cur. He is the 5th generation to have these same dogs. This line is the largest of the Blackmouth Cur world. There are Ladner dogs in every state of the United States and they have been shipped to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Haiti, Russia, India and throughout Europe. They will bay or catch hogs and tree game such as squirrel, raccoon, bear, bobcat and mountain lion. They are also used as a search and rescue dog by some agencies.

Today's owners of this breed will testify that the Blackmouth Cur has truly earned a heritage of honor, pride and courage - as one very outstanding canine companion to mankind.

For further information: blackmouthcur.com



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